The contract price of styrene monomer in Europe was finally agreed at the level of EUR 1,086 per tonne for September deliveries, which is EUR59 per tonne higher than the level of the previous month, ICIS reported.

This is the second consecutive month when the contract price of styrene shows an uptrend (in August, growth amounted to EUR33 per tonne).

The contract price was agreed on the terms of delivery of free on board (FOB) Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA).

So, in the European market, four approvals were reached at the September contract price for the material at the levels of EUR1 077, EUR1 080, EUR1 090 and EUR1 095 per ton from the permanent participants of the contract negotiations.

Since June, ICIS has been applying a new methodology for calculating the contract price of styrene based on the arithmetic average of all transactions concluded.

Until June, the contract price of styrene in Europe grew for four months, and in the first two summer months it showed a downtrend.

In particular, as previously reported, the July contract price of styrene monomer in Europe was agreed at EUR994 per tonne, which is EUR48 per tonne lower than in June this year.

Styrene is the main raw material component for the production of polystyrene (PS).

In Russia, prices for Nizhnekamsk general purpose polystyrene (PSS / M) for casting and extrusion in August amounted to 88,500-92,500 rubles. per ton, for foaming – 86 500-91 000 rubles. per tonne, CPT Moscow, including VAT, and high-impact polystyrene (UPS / M) – 93 500-97 500 rubles. per tonne, CPT Moscow, including VAT. Small buyers of Nizhnekamsk material reported that prices for small batches increased substantially in September, and delivery times increased. The cost of UPS / M with a volume of 2-5 tons in the market reaches 102,000-104,000 rubles / ton, CPT Moscow, including VAT.