thEngineers at Ohio State University have patented technology to create plastic bottles whose inner surface enables liquid content, such as soap, shampoo or dish detergent, freely pour out to the last drop.

Scientists have created the perfect plastic bottle

On the inner wall of the polypropylene bottles coated microscopic structure of y-shaped, which create the microscopic air pockets, and a drop of soap never touched the surface. The structures are created using nanoparticles made of silicon or quartz.

Similar bottles were made for food, but not detergents. Soap is a surfactant which has a low surface tension and easily adheres to the plastic. Microscopic structure impede fluid collected in drops and remain on the walls of the bottle. Instead, form small balls that easily roll off the neck.

Scientists believe that their invention would help easier and cheaper recycling bottles. Before packaging processed, they must be thoroughly cleaned, such that they had not a single drop of soap or shampoo.