The American manufacturer of household cleaners SC Johnson and environmental organization Plastic Bank are planning to open several plastics processing centers in Indonesia, offering tokens to local residents for collecting waste. Such information appears in the press release of the companies.
SC Johnson, which owns brands such as Glade, Ziploc and Mr. Muscle, released the latest scientific data on ocean pollution with plastic, saying that 5 Asian countries – China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand – were involved in 55% of plastic waste entering the ocean.

With the help of Plastic Bank, SC Johnson plans to open 8 plastic collection centers throughout Indonesia. The first one opened in Bali on 10/28/2018, other centers are planned to be launched by May 2019. After the opening of the network in Indonesia, SC Johnson hopes to expand the program in neighboring Asian countries.

In these centers, local collectors will exchange plastic waste for tokens, which can then be used to purchase goods and services through a decentralized system. The press release states that the use of blockchain in the distribution of tokens will reduce the risk of loss or theft of compensation.