A major supplier of polystyrene (PS) in the Middle East lowered its prices in August to around 5-7%, ICIS reports citing market sources.

Offers for general purpose polystyrene (PSS / M) fell 4.8% from July to USD1,190 per tonne, DEL, equivalent to approximately USD1,140 per tonne, CFR Eastern Mediterranean.

August prices for high impact polystyrene (UPS / M) fell 6.6% from July to USD1,200–1,220 per tonne, DEL, which is equivalent to about USD1,150 per tonne, CFR Eastern Mediterranean.

Usually, PS consumption in summer is lower, mainly due to reduced production load or due to summer vacations.

According to the ICIS-MRC Price Review, in Russia the cost of Russian polystyrene remains unchanged. The price of styrene monomer in foreign markets this week began to decline. However, the sharp rise in the euro and the dollar against the ruble generally balanced this trend. The prices of Nizhnekamsk PSS / M for casting and extrusion range from 88.500-92.500 rubles / ton, for foaming – 86 500-91 000 rubles. per tonne, CPT Moscow, including VAT, UPS / M – 93 500-97 500 rubles. per tonne, CPT Moscow, including VAT.