By the end of 2019, Energomash will launch two new production facilities on the basis of the Kerch Metallurgical Plant as part of the modernization program for the Crimean enterprise – the production of gas piston stations and the production of reinforced polymer pipes for the oil and gas industry. Investment in the project is estimated at 1 billion rubles.

On the start of the new project, the Minister of Industrial Policy of Crimea, Andrey Vasiuta, spoke at the V Yalta International Economic Forum. In an interview with “Expert South”, Andrei Vasyuta added that now work is under way to ensure that the plant in Kerch does not just cooperate with “Energomash”, giving it its own territory and production facilities, but became part of the “Energomash” GC, which owns in the short term, “intend to become co-owners of a metallurgical plant.”

The general director of Energomash Denis Pashkov has confirmed this intention. According to him, the re-equipment of the Kerch plant will occur in several stages. “Now we are talking about the first of these, with an investment volume of the order of one billion rubles. We have already begun this work, we intend to complete it in six to eight months. According to our estimates, the investment will pay off in two to three years, ”said Mr. Pashkov.