In Kiev, builders almost completed the construction of a new Shuliavsky overpass. It is reported by the “Journalist”. According to Managing Partner of Modern Transport Infrastructure LLC Alexander Pristupov, this bridge was rebuilt using advanced modern technologies that were not previously used in Ukraine. “The bridge is being built according to the project, where asphalt concrete and a deformation seam 8 cm high are laid. We will use asphalt concrete. But the entire waterproofing structure of the US-Belgian company is used. Asphalt concrete will have polymers of top European manufacturers. These polymers allow the asphalt to be laid at extremely low temperatures,” – noted the managing partner of Modern Transport Infrastructure LLC Alexander Pristupov. Asphalt concrete is laid on a modern waterproofing coating, which is successfully used in the construction of bridges and overpasses in Europe. “The asphalt concrete pavement is made of asphalt concrete mix on modern appropriate materials: polymers and additives that allow the asphalt concrete to be laid and compacted at such low temperatures and obtain the proper quality,” explained the doctor of technical sciences, professor at the National Transport University, head of the department of road-building materials and Chemistry Vladimir Mozgovoy. According to Alexander Pristupov, Managing Partner of Modern Transport Infrastructure LLC, a mixture is used to lay asphalt concrete, where there are several types of polymers. This allows you to make a quality coating even at very low air temperatures. “This is the month of December. In addition to the tight deadlines for the implementation of this project, we still had to guess the temperature regime, weather fluctuations, provide for other factors that could significantly affect the decision to complete this task. Therefore, during this month we use a number of the most modern technologies. In a month we managed to fully prepare the access roads. We use an innovative combination of waterproofing and asphalt concrete. A waterproofing layer of an American company that was not previously used in Ukraine We show the adhesion of the material is actually three times better than the materials that were used in the region. We will use asphalt concrete with several types of polymers that can actually be used in permafrost. The task of these polymers is to give asphalt concrete properties that can take into account the current temperature regime, and the narrowing and expansion of the bridge.Since the bridge structure, the base is made of metal. We will use an asphalt concrete mixture reloader, the so-called asphalt concrete plant on wheels, which is designed to eliminate temperature and grain segregation of asphalt concrete mixtures, ”Alexander Pristupov, Managing Partner of Modern Transport Infrastructure LLC, explained.

According to the deputy director for the construction of the KP “Directorate for the Construction of Road Transport Facilities in Kiev” Oleksandr Zdolnik, experts from the National Transport University, experts from Kyivavtodor and foreign experts from several countries who joined at all stages of the construction of Shulyavsky participated in the development of the asphalt mix. overpasses. Part of the equipment and technologies used in the construction of the Shuliavsky bridge is used in Ukraine for the first time, but is already actively working abroad. For example, shuttlebags, a reloader of the American company “Roadtec”. “The recipe for this mixture involves modifying it with two modifiers. The first modifier is an asphalt concrete plasticizer, which allows normative compaction of the already constructed pavement structure to standard indicators. Another modifier is the so-called energy-saving additive, which allows you to keep the temperature in the asphalt concrete mixture for a considerable time, it cools down and makes this asphalt concrete mixture compact. For Ukraine and the city of Kiev this is a technological breakthrough, because subcontracting We will never use such equipment as a reloader in the facility. In the city of Kiev, such equipment has never been involved. Such equipment came to us from abroad. During the meetings, the subcontractor introduced us to specialists from Germany, Slovenia, the Netherlands, and Belgium. Specialists are present here at the facility, they are also present at the conclusion of waterproofing structures, and such specialists will be present during the laying of the asphalt mix. Now they are working at the plant that produces this asphalt concrete mix, ”added Alexander Zdolnik, deputy director for construction of the KP Directorate for Construction of Road Transport Facilities of Kiev. According to the press service of the Kyiv City State Administration, the contractor gives 10 years of operation warranty asphalt pavement, which is laid on an area of ​​about 5000 square meters. “A subcontractor has provided a warranty period for the operation of such pavement for 10 years. If there are any defects or the need to repair this coating, the subcontractor undertook to repair the defects on its own and at its own expense, ”said Zdolnik Oleksandr. Deputy Director for Construction of the Construction Directorate for Construction of Road Transport Facilities of Kiev they plan to launch it in the near future.