IMG_0600Since 2010, the processing markets for PE and PP have developed in different ways. Demand for polypropylene increased throughout the period under review and increased by 50% in seven years. The processing of polyethylene froze at the level of 1 million 89 thousand tons, and in 2015 fell below the level of 1 million 80 thousand tons, said the head of the analytics department INVENTRA Lola Ogrel during the conference “Polyethylene. Polypropylene 2017 “.

The high dollar rate blocked the way to the Russian market for the final foreign polymer products, which could be an excellent opportunity for domestic producers to take up vacated niches. And if in the film segment the development of the market really went at the expense of reducing the import of finished packaging and films and the growth of domestic production, then in the segment of polyethylene pipes there is no import, and the demand for pipes and, accordingly, the production of domestic pipes falls for three years in a row.

Polypropylene does not have any one main application, on which the state of the entire market depends. This versatile consumption pattern allows polypropylene to withstand demand crises better than others, which we have been observing in the last three years. The decline in some segments is offset by growth in others.