iSpot prices of low density polyethylene (LDPE) fell in May to below EUR1 300 per tonne in Europe, but in some regions, prices still remain above this level, according to ICIS.

In particular, several vendors said that the price offers were low in Germany and parts of Eastern Europe, but they also added that the sell so cheap stuff is not going to.

Sold in Italy said that the lowest price in May was still at the level of EUR1 300 per tonne.

The prices are higher than EUR1 300 DDP, sources said the UK equivalent.

However, LDPE market supply increased, but Total declared force majeure on deliveries of polyethylene (PE) from the site in Gonfrville (Gonfreville, France) can do it again limited.

At the same time there is news about the supplies in connection with the nationwide strike to the south of France, which is one of the largest LDPE plants in Europe, which is controlled by LyondellBasell.

According to the price review ICIS-MRC, the Russian spot market LDPE virtually no sales material from Tomskneftekhim, the company has focused on supply contracts. Kazanorgsinitez also last week restricted supply of LDPE in the domestic market. Stocks Kazan LDPE from trading companies were small and expensive. Proposals on the future PE shipments were significantly lower and income, in particular, to the level of 110 500 rubles. per ton, including VAT, CPT Moscow, for the 108th LDPE. Ufaorgsintez last week announced reduction of PE prices for 3 000 rubles. per ton, compared with last week’s level.