TOMRA Sorting Recycling (TOMRA) recently announced a partnership with SKM Recycling (SKM) from Laverton North (Victoria, Australia). SKM, the leader in the recycling of domestic and industrial waste, chose TOMRA to supply 40 AUTOSORT systems with innovative features and a new three-dimensional laser technology for three of its sorting plants.

To meet the ever-changing market demands, SKM is building three new recycling plants for over 350,000 tons per year of street garbage, also called unsorted garbage. SKM plants are designed primarily to work with waste paper, plastic and glass and sort them to produce high-quality products. Commissioning of the plants is scheduled for early 2018.

It is planned that with the introduction of TOMRA Sorting Recycling technologies for sorting paper and other secondary materials, the SKM plant at Laverton North will become the most technically advanced and automated recycling plant on the continent or even all over the world. This will give SKM a unique and strong competitive advantage and will allow the company to meet ever more stringent requirements for the quality of the final products.

Improved sorting technology will also allow the extraction of a higher percentage of recyclable material from the domestic waste stream, reduce the amount of material sent to the landfill, and simplify the development of new recycled materials to meet the requirements of a changing market and to obtain new environmental benefits.

TOMRA Sorting Recycling, known worldwide for its sensor-based sorting technology, has also been recognized in Australia for its expert knowledge and advice. Robert Italiano, Commercial Director of SKM, commented on the new partnership: “We were impressed not only by the reliability of TOMRA technology. The main reason for choosing this company as a partner was its support in developing the concept of factories that are as close as possible to our requirements. Our trust in its technical knowledge and support is unshakable and is based on the guarantee of the performance of the TOMRA systems. We are proud to have designed the most advanced recycling plants in Australia. ”

Tom Jansen, Sales Director of TOMRA Sorting Recycling, adds: “The conclusion of such an important contract means that SKM trusts TOMRA and our state-of-the-art technology. I’m looking forward to putting the ultramodern factories into operation. “