In mobile markets, developers plan, the program will appear in a few months – and will be free. Kharkov programmers have developed a free program for mobile phones that will make life easier for those who sort the recyclable materials and its processors. And the authors hope to accustom to the sorting of waste as many people as possible. How the application works – journalists learned “Today”.

Olga Sotnikova has been sorting the waste for a year now and believes that this is a simple and effective way to reduce the amount of debris around, because most of what usually comes to landfills can be remade.

“For many, it becomes an insurmountable obstacle that there are no tanks near the house, into which it would be possible to lay out waste separately.” People do not have enough information where this raw material and waste can be handed over, “the resident of Kharkov said.

In Kharkov, there are stationary and mobile points for recycling, but where are they located and what exactly do they take? Local programmers decided to give answers to these questions – and developed a mobile application.

“This program, first of all, for ordinary people who want to make our world a little cleaner by starting with themselves.The application allows us to establish communication between those who produce potential recyclable materials – ordinary citizens – and those who are interested in recycling and processing this raw materials, “- said the developer of the mobile application Egor Kuts.

Those who sort the waste at home will see where to carry them. The processors, in turn, will be able to track who is to pick up the raw materials. The authors say that their application will be useful to large companies and individual sorters. In mobile markets, developers plan, the program will appear in a few months – and will be free.

“We are 90% ready to launch, we have small” dopillas “, small decorations, etc. Somewhere we are planning to launch in the second half of the fall,” said the developer of the mobile application Oleg Boroday.

After launching the application, users will be able to contribute their data to it, and it will work in all regions.

Earlier, we reported that residents of the capital’s Khrushchev opened a garbage collection station in their home – and after several months earned almost three thousand hryvnia.

We also wrote that in the Lviv region they are accustomed to sort the garbage and earn on it. Residents of the village are given free packages for various types of waste and take them directly from under the house. This experience was borrowed in Italy.

Recall, in Ukraine, toughened responsibility for unsorted trash. From the first of January, the law obliges him to sort it.