The construction of a garbage sorting line continues at the Dergachevsky solid waste (MSW) landfill. Now a roof is being erected over the future line, then the walls will be completed and a sieve mounted. They plan to install electrical equipment in winter. Once the sorting line is launched, less debris will end up on the new landfill, which will increase its lifespan. This was announced today, October 21, by the director of the KP “Municipal Waste Management Company” Yuriy Suyarko, the press service of the Kharkiv City Council reports. “For more than four months now we have been taking waste to the new landfill, where we ram it well with the help of a compactor and bulldozers. And when sorting of waste begins, then even less garbage will get here. This will significantly increase the service life of the landfill. This is the essence of the work of the waste processing complex, besides, we will receive valuable recyclable materials that will be recycled, ”said Yuriy Suyarko. During his visit to the construction site, the first deputy of the Kharkiv mayor Igor Terekhov noted that Kharkiv is the only city in Ukraine where such a complex is being built.
“The history of this issue began with the fact that the mayor of the city, Gennady Kernes, set the task for his team to switch to the European model of waste collection and disposal in Kharkov. We studied the experience of various countries and chose the most appropriate technology. As a result, a new landfill was built – in accordance with all European requirements and environmental standards. A garbage sorting line is being built now, which will separate plastic, glass, paper, ”said Igor Terekhov.
Reclamation of the old landfill is also underway. After preparatory work, it will be covered with a geomembrane to prevent the ingress of polygon gas into the atmosphere, a filtration layer will be laid on top, soil will be poured, after which two thousand trees and two thousand bushes will be planted there, and grass will be sown. 35 wells have already been drilled in the body of the old landfill for the extraction of biogas, which will be processed into electricity. It is used to supply power to the industrial site of the complex, and the surplus will be sent to the Dergachev substation. A completely finished waste processing complex is planned to be opened in 2021 – by the Day of the City of Kharkov.
Recall that in some areas of Kharkov, containers are installed for the separate collection of garbage. In particular, such garbage cans appeared on the territory of Alekseevka and Pavlov Pole. They allow you to sort three types of waste – plastic, paper and glass.