Today, only 3% of Ukraine’s solid domestic waste is processed.
As informs Цензор.НЕТ, the minister of ecology and natural resources Ostap Semerak on air “112 Ukraine” has declared it.

“According to our strategy, the national waste management strategy until 2030, which was developed and approved in November of last year, provides for the construction of a new waste management system that will consist of 300 regional centers for collection and processing of solid domestic waste,” said Semerak.

According to him, today only 3% of Ukraine’s solid domestic waste is processed. The remaining 97% is simply exported to a multitude of legal and illegal, organized and unorganized dumps and is simply thrown out.

“I wrote letters to all OGA who, according to the legislation, regulate this activity with a request to provide me with exhaustive information on the list of landfills, their geographical location with coordinates with their filling and morphology,” the minister said.

However, several OGAs in 2016 did not provide more information than during the year – this is the Odessa and Kherson region.

“The local self-government bodies, in which the landfills are located, are responsible for what is happening on this land.We have collected information on more than 5,600 landfills, which we were informed by local authorities,” said Semerak.

The minister summed up that for two years of his tenure, two dozen investors came to him.

“Unfortunately, we could not localize in any territorial community, because heads of territorial communities want to engage in this profitable business and do not allow investors,” Semerak said.