In Transcarpathia, a critical situation has developed with landfills – most are 85% full or have exhausted their resources.
Therefore, the problem of waste disposal has become a security problem for the entire region, and it is necessary to discuss with local communities places for new landfills and waste recycling enterprises.
“Today there is a critical situation at the landfills and landfills of the region, since in almost all settlements they have exhausted their capacities and are 80-85% full,” Bondarenko said.

According to the information of the First Deputy Chairman of the Regional State Administration Ivan Duran, 1256 thousand cubic meters are accumulated annually in the region. m or 298 tons of solid waste, and in recent years there has been a tendency to increase it.

According to the chairman of the Regional State Administration, the critical situation is at the landfill for solid waste in the city of Uzhgorod, the territory is being rehabilitated here, after which the landfill can be extended until the end of the year. However, this will not solve the problem of garbage in the long run.

Therefore, according to the Regional State Administration, in order to solve problematic issues with solid waste in the territory of Uzhgorod district, preliminary measures were taken to identify potential land plots, as well as discussions with local communities. Three potential sites for the placement of landfills for the construction of a waste recycling plant have been identified.

“All fellow countrymen should understand, finally, that waste management is not a matter of the security of an individual or a settlement, it is a matter of security of the whole Transcarpathia,” said the chairman of the Regional State Administration.

According to him, the area should immediately get down to business, explain to people the safety of the proposed projects for the disposal of solid waste and develop the necessary documentation.