The founder of the project “Ukraine without garbage” Evgenia Aratovska commented on the environmental situation in Ukraine and the world.

She noted that the existing statistics that every Ukrainian throws out about 300 kg of garbage per year is true. The ecologist said that, in general, more than 10 million tons of garbage are dumped annually. And it all accumulates from year to year. There is a lot of glass, plastic, metals, such materials that do not decompose for hundreds of thousands of years, the expert added.

She stated that her family of 4 people per month produces only 400 kg of garbage. They try not to create excess garbage, and transfer hazardous waste for recycling.

She advised always to carry fabric bags. Then there will be no need to constantly buy plastic bags in supermarkets. The expert also advises to refuse to pack each individual group of goods in a package, even if the cashier does it himself at the checkout counter in the supermarket.

Ukraine also has a huge problem with landfills. And this problem may concern even such areas as air transportation. The other day, for example, an airplane flying over a landfill fell in the Russian Federation: a huge number of birds got into its engines. These are the seagulls that are known to eat garbage. A similar situation can happen at the Boryspil airport, because it is also located next to a huge dump.