On November 4, in the Lokhvytsky district of the Poltava region, a landfill for solid household waste caught fire.

Gazeta.ua correspondent was told about this in the State Directorate of National Traffic Control of Ukraine in the Poltava region.

The fire report was received at 14 hours 35 minutes. Took up at the landfill of solid household waste near the village of Vishnevoe, which belongs to the Factory City Council.

“Four units of equipment and 9 people were involved in putting out the fire. Of these, one DSNS combat crew consisting of 5 firefighters and 1 unit of equipment, as well as 4 employees of a local utility company and three units of equipment – an excavator, a bulldozer and a tank for water delivery,” said the press secretary of the State Pedagogical Council of the National Socialist Party in the Poltava region Svetlana Rybalko.

The nearest settlement from this landfill is the village of Vishnevoe, which is 2 km away. The total landfill area is 2.2 hectares, the depth of the waste is up to 3 m.

“It burns on an area of ​​0.4 hectares, the burnout depth is up to half a meter. Rescuers managed to extinguish the flame. The source of smoke remained. Extinguishing was stopped at night – the rules prohibit such work in the dark. They will restore the fire in the morning,” the press officer explained.