755903_mainThe “special operation” for unloading waste between the villages of Nemilov and Sinkov in the Radekhiv district was conducted by unknown persons during the night

Recently in the Lviv region unknown unloaded three heaps of garbage directly on the road, between the villages of Nemilov and Sinkov Radekhov district of the Lviv region. According to preliminary data, the waste was brought to the wagons, approximately 30 tons each. The whole cargo, judging by the found checks and documents, arrived from Lviv.
“It happened on the night from Friday to Saturday, I was informed at 7:00 am on March 18 that the road was littered with garbage.” We called in the police and the workers of the RAV, the head of the RGA was informed, unfortunately, there were no witnesses who could see these cars The drivers chose a place deaf, far from villages, and the time probably was from 2 to 4 o’clock in the morning, “the chairman of the village council Nemilova Ivan Kalinovich told the site” Today. ”

Among the abandoned, according to the village head, found a whole bag with documents on the registration of a private company, with the stamp of the Lvov tax. Even in the garbage there were many checks from supermarkets in Lviv.
The mountains of garbage are not cleaned up until now. The road where the waste lies, according to Kalinovich, is in the competence of “Avtodor” and, probably, they should think how to clean the roadway.
“If it is necessary to help, we will certainly help, but the village soviet has no physical possibility to collect three fuels of garbage and somewhere to unload it again,” Kalinovich added.
Recall, the mayor of Lviv recently said that the onset of spring warming in Lviv could cause a real ecological catastrophe. In some areas, waste is not cleaned for three weeks, a third of all garbage pads are overcrowded, and the city has nowhere to carry garbage – recently carriers were “banished” from the Donetsk region.