Nova Poshta has decided to scale the project for the collection of recyclables, the company said in a press release.
In April-July, Nova Poshta conducted a pilot to collect packaging in 10 offices in Kiev. Customers could leave boxes and other packaging materials in special boxes for collecting recyclables. In each compartment, three boxes were installed. In one, paper, cardboard, and paper were collected. In the second – transparent stretch and bumpy films, in the third – bags and color stretch film. In 10 departments where the pilot project was conducted, the collection of waste paper and polyethylene increased by 153%.

“For three and a half months, as part of the pilot project, 4561 kg of recyclables were collected in 10 departments. About 80% of all recyclables collected are paper, corrugated cardboard and paper compactor, and 20% are stretch, bubble wrap and bags, ”said Alexander Bulba, director of Nova Poshta.

The company decided to scale the project. At the first stage, the collection of recyclables will be launched in all postal and cargo departments of Kiev, Kharkov, Dnieper, Odessa, Lviv and Poltava. In 2020, the company will study the experience of scaling to millionaires and will consider the possibility of further scaling to all other branches of the company.

The company decided to leave two boxes: one for waste paper and corrugated cardboard, and one for all polyethylene (without separation into color and transparent). Sort polyethylene will be contractors.

It is noted that for 10 months of 2019, Nova Poshta collected almost 1300 tons of recyclables – 36% more than for the same period last year.

Nova Poshta is a logistics company founded by Vladimir Popereshnyuk and Vyacheslav Klimov. The network of the company includes more than 5700 branches throughout Ukraine. In 2018, the number of shipments exceeded 174 million.