Human wastes have become a big problem for the nature of our planet in recent decades. Futurists and does predict that humanity will die not because of a flood or a huge meteorite, but because of the debris that accumulates on the planet and pollute the environment.

The earth is literally choking on garbage, because every day we throw out bags of waste. But the saddest thing is that plastic packaging is almost not decomposed. Oceans is full of plastic waste, for example, the well-known island of garbage, which is in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Its area is growing every year, and plastic, from which this site is quite toxic.
Russian scientists have created a plastic that does not pollute the environment

contaminated products enter the stomachs of marine life, and later some of the falls and in humans. A huge amount of toxic substances becomes part of the food chain.

Above this problem is not the first year of work, scientists from around the world. Some experts have already announced a few years ago about the creation of innovative materials from which to produce the packaging. But, unfortunately, in the mass production of this material have not started, because the price was very high – 1 euro per 1 gram.

Russian scientists from the Institute of Organic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences and the South-Russian State Technical University, which is located in the city of Novocherkassk, were able to create a safe plastic. Such material will not pollute the environment, as it is made from agricultural waste. He easily disposed of, so do not harm the environment and is not toxic to humans.

“Our material is 10 times cheaper, and therefore would be beneficial for the production”, – says Valentin Ananikov specialist representative portal “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. The cost price has been reduced due to the fact that gidroksemilfurfurol that scientists have invented a few years ago, is made of an expensive raw material, and the Russian innovation produced from sugar beet waste.

technology secret is a new catalyst, the chemical reaction regime, in proper combination of temperature and pressure, and other parameters. Now scientists in Moscow and Novocherkassk work on the creation of a pilot plant that will be able to produce a basic compound – inexpensive gidroksemilfurfurol. And in this material can be produced bottles, bags, boxes and other containers.

The innovative work of scientists was supported by a grant from the Russian Science Foundation, which made it possible for two years to develop a unique technology.