According to the results of the first month of the year, the volumes of deliveries of bottled PET to Ukraine increased by 37% to 12.5 thousand tons against 9.1 thousand tons for the same period in 2019, the Market Report said in a message to DataScope.

In December last year, imports amounted to 9.4 thousand tons. Last month, deliveries of Chinese bottled PET to the Ukrainian market halved and amounted to 3.1 thousand tons, compared to 7 thousand tons in January 2019. In December last year, they were at the level of 4.7 thousand tons.

The share of imports from China in the total volume amounted to 25% in January against 50% a month earlier and 77% in January 2019. The key suppliers of injection molded Chinese PET granulate to the Ukrainian market this year are Dragon, China Resources Chemicals and Yisheng Petrochemical.

Nevertheless, the import of injection molded PET granules from Lithuania by Neo Group grew four times in January compared to the same period last year and reached the maximum value of the last ten years – 7.3 thousand tons. In January 2019, this indicator was 1.8 thousand tons. In December last year, the volume of external supplies from Lithuania to Ukraine was at the level of 3.8 thousand tons.

According to the results of last month, the volume of Lithuanian imports to the country in the total volume of deliveries increased and amounted to 59% against 40% a month earlier. In January 2019, the share of imports was at about 20%.

The main buyers of Lithuanian bottled PET are Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine Limited and Retal.