Import deliveries of Chinese injection-molded PET granules to the Russian market decreased in September this year by 72% compared to the same month last year – to 4.43 thousand tons, according to a Market Data report by DataScope.
The same indicator in August 2018 amounted to 15.64 thousand tons.
According to the results of nine months, deliveries of bottled PET from China to Russia increased by 15% to 100 thousand tons. The share of imports from China amounted to 90% against 86% for the same period last year.
The leading Chinese suppliers to the Russian market are manufacturers Yisheng, Wankai and Sinopeс.
It was previously reported that import deliveries of imported injection-molded PET granules to the Russian market in September decreased by 70% compared to September 2018 and amounted to 5 thousand tons (excluding supplies from Belarus). In August of this year, imports amounted to 8.91 thousand tons, which is 44% more than imports in September of this year. Nevertheless, following the results of three quarters of this year, the total volume of imports of bottled PET grew by 10% to 111 thousand tons against 101 thousand tons in the same period a year earlier.