In Ukraine, the deplorable state of natural resources and the environment, while no studies are being carried out regarding the possible extinction of some species of animals and plants, UNIAN reports with reference to the Ukrainian office of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Ukraine).

The Foundation’s experts say that in our country there is uncontrolled shooting of animals by poachers (in particular, lynx, brown bear, elk). Data on the lynx and bear populations over the past ten years indicate that their numbers are not growing, despite the long-term conservation status (the bear has been included in the Red Book of Ukraine since 2003, and the lynx since 1994).

Populations of many fish species are also declining.

“We observe that a sharp decrease in the number of aquatic inhabitants is relevant for Ukraine. This is due to the transformation of rivers – straightening of the channel, the creation of artificial barriers, the destruction of natural complexes in floodplains, in particular for agricultural production, extraction of sand and gravel in channels and clear deforestation. But monitoring of freshwater biological resources has not been systematically introduced in Ukraine, and there is no action plan for the restoration of populations, “WWF-Ukraine notes.

Environmentalists argue that environmental problems in Ukraine are getting worse every year, and the main reason for this is political manipulation of the environment.

According to the President of the Professional Association of Ecologists of Ukraine Lyudmila Tsyganok, Ukraine has a huge potential in the field of greening, but the superficial problems that politicians manipulate on the eve of the elections, making a hype on the eco-topic, distract attention from solving really important problems in this area.

“It is precisely eco-manipulations and hype on the eco-trend that distract the attention of society from the real problems of environmental protection. Every time before the elections,“ eyewitness ”environmental problems rise to the surface, again certain aspects of eco-problems are inflated pointwise, advantageously manipulating the consciousness of voters in certain or At the same time, the problems that pose a real threat to Ukrainians for decades again remain in the shadows, “said Tsyganok.