The October contract price of propylene in Europe was agreed at EUR20 per tonne higher than September. Nevertheless, virtually all European manufacturers announced a prolongation of the September export prices of polypropylene (PP) for deliveries to the markets of the CIS countries in October, according to the ICIS-MRС Price Review.

Negotiations on the October level of prices of European PP began last week. All market participants state the desire of producers to maintain export prices of polymers of propylene at the level of last month, despite the increase in the cost of propylene in the region at EUR20 per ton.

Deals regarding October PP-homo deliveries were agreed in the range of EUR1 165-1 240 per tonne, FCA, which actually corresponds to the level of September. The deals for the supply of propylene block copolymers (PP block) were in the range of EUR1 240-1 310 per tonne, FCA.

As many companies have reported, there are no restrictions on the export of PP in the current month.