Production of polypropylene products has become extremely popular. Rarely who do not use disposable dishes on a picnic, plastic containers at home or at work, as well as innumerable small, but necessary in the sector of plastic items. Is it worth it to mention such “essential” plastic bottles? These items, which every day becomes more and more – a part of normal everyday life. However, the problem of their disposal has long been concerned environmentalists. Of course, the use of plastic products make our life more comfortable – on the one hand, but exacerbates environmental problems – on the other.

The fact that this material has a high resistance to environmental influences and must be over a hundred years to decompose only one bottle. A popular plastic bags and other products made of plastic film can be stored up to 200 years! It is hard to imagine how many tons of debris with huge “shelf life” is produced and released into the next decade … But there is an easy way to not only reduce the amount of such waste, but also save your money.

With the new perspective direction of recyclable plastic products is made possible. The polymeric material obtained by recycling retains substantially all of its properties (approximately 90%). The only significant difference between the primary and secondary product – a significant price difference. So, deciding to buy a secondary polypropylene pellets, can save up to 30% of the cost of raw materials. Agree rather big amount of leaves.

Is widespread in the West, technology of polymer waste is increasingly being recognized in the CIS countries. In many cities, almost every high-rise building, you can see a special container designed solely for plastic products. The collected raw material thus is processed in different ways – from the high pressure injection molding to air. Small granules obtained can be used for making different products. Their low cost and high quality allows you to use this material in the most different spheres of production.

Recycling of plastic waste – is an important step in solving environmental problems, significant savings of energy resources and their own material resources. Reuse of packs, PET bottles, plastic containers, and many other items made of plastic to reduce energy consumption, reduce the amount of harmful emissions – in other words, the benefit applied about a fifth of the world’s waste.