Joint scientific work of scientists of the Russian Economic University. Plekhanov and the Institute of Biochemical Physics. Emanuel RAN ended with the creation of a fundamentally new packaging biodegradable material based on the combination of vegetable fillers and polyethylene.

The technology developed by scientists will make it possible to create a new type of environmentally friendly packaging materials using vegetable waste from various industries. This will significantly reduce the amount of inorganic waste and the size of landfills.

Millions of tons of plastic packaging annually litter the earth in all corners of the planet. Scientists in developed countries have long been working on the problem of creating biodegradable polymers, which combine the strength of polyethylene and the possibility of biological utilization of plant waste.

Scientists analyzed the physical properties of polymers, established the dependence of the particle size of plant filler on the decomposition of biocomposites and created dual biodegradable compositions based on polymers and vegetable fillers. As fillers, it is possible to use chaff, sunflower husks, straw or sawdust. All this is agricultural waste.

In addition, triple composites have been created, which additionally included an additive that improves the compatibility of the polymer and the plant component. A copolymer of ethylene with vinyl acetate is used as such an additive.

A new packaging material for 30 – 70% consists of industrial waste, which will make the new packaging cheap and environmentally friendly.