Kyiv Council recommended that economic entities in the sphere of trade and services offer buyers an alternative to disposable plastic bags. These can be biological polymeric or paper bags, multiple bags and the like.

Restriction of the use of plastic bags in stores was supported by 75 deputies, according to the information on the Kyiv City Council website.

The decision is of a recommendatory nature and does not entail any penalty.

The issue of banning the use and sale of plastic bags in Ukraine should be resolved centrally at the state level, as it requires changes in the legislative acts of Ukraine.

“We want to do this as in many countries of the world where polyethylene is used or heavily taxed or even banned, this decision encourages businesses in the sphere of trade and services to offer consumers an alternative to the use of disposable plastic bags, ie the use of biological polymers or paper bags , and the most interesting – the return to the use of reusable bags, which are made from tissue, “- noted the author of the relevant draft decision, a deputy of the Kyiv City Council Konstantin Yalova.

In Kiev, only about a third of the garbage is recycled, everything else goes to the burial. The major part is polyethylene, which also complicates the sorting of waste by fractions for further processing.