Рolymers can adhere to metal objects, as scientists from Japan were convinced of. They invented a method that increases the use of polymers in various fields, including medicine.

Researchers at Osaka University invented a technology that involves plasma treatment of the surface at high temperatures. The mechanism of the process was studied by scientists at the compound of copper, teflon and PDMS. The researchers did a difficult job by creating a number of groups on polymers, including silanol and carbonyl. Next, the polymers were compressed by heating, so that a strong bond could be formed between the working groups. They treated the combined copper and polymers with plasma in order to obtain a silanol group on the PDMS surface, previously equipped with a plasma, and also a hydroxyl group on copper. The obtained substances were subjected to thermal compression, after which silicon, oxygen and copper bonds appeared at their boundaries. In the same way, scientists applied Teflon and PDMS on steel and glass.

Japanese experts are pleased with the work done. According to them, from now on, scientists will not have to glue together Teflon and polymers with other materials, which will markedly increase their further use for scientific and medical purposes.