Within the framework of the state visit of Nursultan Nazarbayev in Beijing, a meeting of the Kazakh-Chinese Business Council was held. In the course of his joint-stock company KazAzot, on the one hand, and Chinese companies Industrial Biotech and CITIC Construction, on the other, signed an agreement on the implementation of the joint cluster development project in Kazakhstan. The project includes a unique technology for deep processing of grain with the subsequent release of innovative polyamide materials. In the future they will be used for the production of artificial fabrics, plastic and polymer coatings. By the way, only Chinese company Industrial Biotech owns such technology in the world.

Thanks to the agreement signed with the support of KazakhInvest, the company plans to build a plant in Kazakhstan. Investments in the project are about 2.5 billion US dollars. This is a fully export-oriented production, in which about 2.5 million tons of Kazakh grain are planned to be used annually.

Liu Xiu, Chairman of the Board of “Cathay Industrial Biotech, Ltd.”: – We plan to use the most advanced technologies. With the help of biochemistry, we can produce a wide variety of products. For example, clothes, carpets. It must be said that such technology in the world is only with us, and we are proud of it.