Today, everyone can contribute to the improvement of the ecological situation, and to do so with the benefit of their site. We are talking about the rejection of chemical fertilizers and the transition to natural organic fertilizer.
The new subpod composting system allows you to recycle food waste so that the compost enters the soil naturally without human intervention. How is this possible? A perforated container made of durable eco-friendly plastic is dropped into the ground, leaving only its lid on the surface. Inside, some earth is filled up and waste is mixed with it, and then nature will do everything by itself. Earthworms and microorganisms process the mass, and through the holes in the walls of the tank, nutrients for plants penetrate into the surrounding soil, and the liquid fraction is discharged through a special drainage tube.
Due to the fact that the container is dug into the ground, there are no unpleasant odors, and if you insert the box into a high bed and put wooden flooring on it, the Subpod will also serve as a comfortable bench.
The composter is supplied unassembled in a compact package and is easy to assemble in just 3 minutes. Dimensions of the finished box 750 × 450 × 430 mm. The kit includes a special device for aerating the mass and an internal separator wall: one part of the tank is filled with a new batch of waste, and the second is the finished fertilizer.
Multiple containers can be installed on a large plot to increase the amount of compost.
The volume of Subpod is from 30 to 90 liters, which allows composting from 15 to 45 kg of food waste per week.