The company Biaxplen, a subsidiary of SIBUR, brought to the market new brands of films for packaging confectionery, producing self-adhesive labels and using stationery, the press service of the company said.

The company introduced new films to the market for a number of consumer segments.

PGI – a film for packaging confectionery with enhanced release properties developed in collaboration with the leaders of the flexible packaging market in Russia. The brand has a lot of potential for re-opening chocolate packaging.

For consumers who want to focus on packaging design, a new MGR release matte film has also been released. MGR is also designed for lamination with white and filled films.

In addition, Biaxplen launched mass production of films for self-adhesive labels: LGBL (transparent), LWBL (white) and LGBM.M (metallized). Self-adhesive label based on polypropylene film is more resistant to moisture and mechanical damage compared to traditional materials.

MGT semi-matte film is designed for the paper stationery segment. The film can be used in the manufacture of “information window” of paper envelopes and folders. MGT has passed industrial tests in European markets, replacing polyamide films for similar applications, which has reduced the cost of the final product.

Earlier it was reported that in December, Biaksplen joined the independent organization SEDEX (“Exchange of ethical data of suppliers”). Joining SEDEX allows suppliers, in particular Biaxplen, to reduce the number of audits by clients by demonstrating compliance with ethical and social norms through the open database SEDEX. For the company’s customers, this makes it possible to organize the supply chain and reduce risks in the area of ​​social responsibility and business sustainability, thereby mitigating image and reputational costs.

In February of this year, Biaxplen launched an installation for the metallization of a biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BOPP film) with a capacity of 5 thousand tons per year in Tomsk. This installation allows you to apply aluminum onto a film with a high-tech method of vacuum deposition and is the only installation of this type beyond the Urals.

Biaxplen specializes in the production of BOPP films that can be used for packaging in the food, perfumery, tobacco, pulp and paper industries. The company’s production structure includes five plants located in Novokuybyshevsk, Kursk, Balakhna, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Zheleznodorozhny, Moscow Region, as well as in Tomsk. In 2014, the total capacity for the production of BOPP films was increased from 150 to 180.5 thousand tons.