This device is able to make a revolution in cleaning the environment from plastic waste, according to the inventor. The inventor from southern France designed the device, which can solve the problem of environmental pollution by plastic. He claims that his car processes waste into affordable fuel.

This device is able to make a revolution in cleaning the environment from plastic waste. According to the inventor, the car turns this type of garbage into fuel. This is achieved by pyrolysis – heat treatment in the chamber without oxygen. The substance in the process of decomposing into less heavy molecules or chemical elements – and changes its properties.

Pyrolysis was invented long ago, and plastic was used to recycle with its help. However, the process was not very profitable. The creator of the apparatus assures that this difficulty has been overcome.


“When I started working with the pyrolysis of plastic, I was faced with the well-known problem that almost all the liquid at the outlet is fuel oil. Therefore, I spent three years developing this system, which produces only fuel and gas, nothing more.”

As a result, if the demonstration of the reactor was not falsified, a liter of liquid is obtained from one kilogram of plastic. 65 percent of it is diesel and 18 percent – gasoline. Plus, gas is released, which can be used to further heat the pyrolysis chamber.

Representatives of environmental organizations say that the invention can solve not only environmental, but also social problems.


“Our dream is to promote this inventiveness, to follow from it not only an environmental but also a social tool. This machine can not only recycle plastic waste but also generate profits and create jobs, especially in developing countries. We want to build a working economic model that will spread itself around the world. ”

The developers say they are going to build a prototype of a commercial version of the device by the middle of next year. If their calculations do not contain an error, the reactor, powered by plastic debris, will produce so much fuel in an hour that they can fill the tank of the passenger car