An original alternative to the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline under construction was invented by Saxon waste treatment specialists. We are talking about the plant WASTX Plastic, located in the vicinity of Dresden. Two weeks ago, there, for the first time in Germany, they launched a plant that synthesizes fuel from plastic, and now the company’s management is summing up the first results.
According to the Director General of the biofactory Oliver Riedel (Oliver Riedel), the device works in the reverse order, turning the plastic parts back into oil. It is noteworthy that we are talking about those types of plastic that were not previously recyclable.
“This technology is called pyrolysis. When exposed to high temperatures, under high pressure and with the help of special reactors, plastics are converted into gas or liquid. It can be any type of material — for example, roofing felt, fishing nets, or plastic packaging, ”says Oliver Riedel in an interview with N-tv.
For the manufacture of such products, the WASTX team developed special reactors. Crushed plastic waste is loaded into their tanks, heated to 500 degrees with a minimum amount, and the waste in the form of sand and salt is then filtered. The result is a dark, viscous liquid – Riedel calls it a fuel, “reminiscent of diesel.”
From one kilogram of plastic, this results in about a liter of fuel. And it is of pretty good quality, Riedel notes – it can be used for generators or marine engines (the first batch has already been tested in action). According to the director of the biofactory, the technology can be called profitable – the plant fully pays off. In total, WASTX Plastic is going to process up to 1000 kg of plastic recycled materials per day.