Scientists say they learned how to convert plastics to the chemicals they were made from
Two Australian scientists said they invented a technology that can recycle any type of plastic. It is reported by The Hill.

Researcher Len Humphries and University of Sydney professor Thomas Mashmeyer said that the device they developed and patented can process plastics, which until now have been considered non-recyclable.

According to them, the so-called catalytic hydrothermal reactor (Cat-HTR) has the ability to transform plastic at the molecular level and turns it back into oil.

“We just take these materials and transfer them back to the liquids and chemicals from which they are obtained,” Humphries said, adding that the products can be turned into bitumen, gasoline or other types of plastic.

It is noted that the process proposed by scientists differs from physical processing in that it does not require the separation of plastics by type or color. Patented technology can also recycle everything from milk boxes to wetsuits.

Licella, of which Humphries is a co-founder and CEO, intends to start promoting this technology in the UK, because there, in their opinion, environmental policy is more favorable than in Australia.

On November 12, the Verkhovna Rada adopted bill No. 2051-1, which provides for the prohibition of plastic bags, in first reading.