Experts believe that the installation of underground tanks does not solve the problem with garbage in the city. A year ago, the first underground waste containers were installed in the capital. “Today” has found out, is it more comfortable for the people of Kiev and whether officials plan to continue hiding the garbage underground.

Last year, 59 designs were installed in parks and near markets, and in this – plan to dig in the land near the houses of 177. In February, two new tanks in the Dniprovsky district have already appeared.

“15 million UAH (one container costs about 80 thousand UAH – Auth.) Is allocated from the city budget for the installation of underground containers for household waste.” Kievzhilspetsekspluatatsiya “is engaged in the installation,” Dmitriy Naumenko, Director of the Department of the ZhKK KSCA, told “Today”.

The department explains that the advantage of underground containers is that they look neat. And one such container (5 cubic meters) by volume is equal to five conventional garbage cans. Now in Kiev, about 12 thousand containers with a volume of 1.1 cubic meters. m and about 3 thousand – for separate collection of garbage. Each underground container is equipped with a laser sensor for garbage filling and GPRS modems. As soon as the signal comes that the tank is full, garbage is taken out.

Not all Kyivans like innovation. “In Bessarabka, the container is often crowded, and people put garbage bags around the structure, and even when it works as it should, the” fragrance “does not come out the most pleasant,” Ksenia Simon complains. Some residents believe that containers are unsafe for young children, who can fall into them because of excessive curiosity.

The mayor’s office assures that the structures are safe, garbage from them is exported daily, and problems with the accumulation of waste around them occur because of the chaotically parked transport. Officials urge drivers not to park cars near underground containers, so that they can be easily accessed.

Experts believe that the installation of underground tanks does not solve the problem with garbage in the city.

“The advantages of underground containers are few, but visually they look better, there are no dirty tanks, but the problem is not solved from the point of view of garbage processing.” The authorities should not think about how to hide garbage in more modern tanks, but how to sort and process it, ” – says ecologist Alexander Sokolenko.