In the autumn-winter period, the moisture content of the initial polymer raw material increases due to increased atmospheric humidity or condensation due to temperature differences. Drying equipment in such conditions may not be able to cope even if available.
The Aleko Group of Companies offers to use a proven and effective solution – an additive-desiccant, which allows to reduce the requirements for granulate drying and to process moist raw materials.
A-Len Tech dehumidifier is a masterbatch based on non-toxic, food-compatible inorganic substances without a hazard class, with a moisture absorption capacity of at least 28.5 wt.%. The masterbatch is supplied in the form of irregular granules of grayish-white, light gray or dark gray color, depending on the brand.
The desiccant additive can be dispensed or introduced directly into the hopper. Input volume – 1-4% depending on the moisture content of the original granule.
A distinctive feature of the substances that make up A-Len Tech dehumidifiers are that they absorb much more liquids and gases than any other material, at very low relative humidity.
They are obtained by the method of chemical deposition, which guarantees their purity and excellent dispersion, and this, in turn, has a positive effect on the frequency of replacement of filter meshes of equipment.
The active substance binds liquids and gases chemically and prevents their molecules from joining together in noticeable volumes, which allows avoiding the appearance of such defects in the product as bubbles, helics, “fish eye”.