IMG_0600In January, the Ukrainian market polipropilena- low demand. The specialists of trading companies say that after the holidays, the number of transactions for the supply of PP minimum. At factories consuming processed polymer obtained earlier. Stocks of major traders. The range of retailers include large batch of polypropylene imported from Saudi Arabia. It costs less than the price of European counterparts. European manufacturers yanvare2016 th announced cost reduction for consumers PP CIS na10-20 euros (monomer prices have fallen more significantly). Traders adjusted the prices of PP this month. Now you can buy European homopolymers po36 000-37 000 hryvnia per ton, HA2 750 hryvnia cheaper. Analogs raised in Saudi Arabia, implement po35 000-36 000 hryvnia per ton (-3250 hryvnia). Transactions for the supply of Russian PP-homo are po35 500-36 500 hryvnia per ton (-2.5 thousand hryvnia). (CPT Central Region).
Until the end of January on the Ukrainian market situation will not change significantly. With the growth of orders for finished products will form the new processors
stocks. The price will vary according to the rate of hryvnia against global currencies.