Unauthorized dump right in the middle of Kharkov. The territory of the former factory “Hammer and Sickle” was turned into a site for the illegal export of waste. They began to dump everything: from clothes and furniture to building materials.

Now, a few kilometers from the center of Kharkov, 8 hectares of garbage. Without exaggeration, there are mountains of waste of 3 human growths. Here you can find construction waste, it is concrete, brick, wood.

If you go further, then begin the zone where you have already sorted garbage. That is, the owner of the illegal garbage business not only earned on the export of household waste, but also on the so-called recycling.

Hidden the business mountain-scavengers almost 2 years. Trucks plied here daily and dumped garbage. For the entry of one car took an average of 100 hryvnia. Removal to an authorized landfill costs 15 times more. An illegal dump was created here in this territory of the former “Hammer and Sickle” plant. Every day, people came to this dump to throw trash from 40 to 100 cars.

First, one car drove, then two. We did not even notice that they carry something. And over the past six months, hell has just begun. As the windows open in the house there is dust and nothing to breathe,
– told a local resident Vitali.

Mercury lamps were thrown directly to the ground, which must be disposed of. Near organic waste and polyethylene. “It all fell into the groundwater. The dump is located in the floodplain of the River Nemyshlya, and downstream, there are wells from which people take water for consumption,” said Sergei Shaparenko, chairman of the ecological group of Pechenegi.

A few days ago, work was in full swing here: special equipment worked, and the waste was sprinkled with earth to prepare a new level for trash. At the dump even guards were on duty. These two men, according to locals, guarded the object.

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What damage has caused the dump environment, must determine the expertise. However, experts already call it a local environmental disaster. Environmentalists are now most worried about how and when they dispose of a landfill, because millions are needed for this, and waste continues to poison the land.

Meanwhile, the police opened the criminal proceedings. Trash businessmen face fines and dismissals. Also, the prosecutor’s office checks the activities of city council officials responsible for the use of this territory.