For two years in Lviv should earn a waste recycling plant. He will be the first in Ukraine, built on the European model. For example, only in neighboring Poland such 150.

In addition to the construction of the plant, in Lviv they also plan to introduce a new system of separate waste collection. We asked Vadim Nozdry, Director of the Green City LPC, about what the waste treatment plant in Lviv will be like.

What technology will recycle garbage at the Lviv plant?

The plant, which will be built on Plastova Street, 13, will work on the technology of mechanical and biological processing. The concept of “mechanical processing” means the sorting of waste using special automated equipment, and partly some processes will be carried out manually.

This stage is important in order to separate secondary raw materials (glass, metals, polymers, waste paper, tetrapack), with which they will subsequently form consignments and send them to processing plants. And organic waste is composted. Mechanical and biological processing will allow high-quality separation of waste that can be recycled again.

Why for the Lviv plant chose this method of processing?

Such a waste recycling complex complies with the requirements of the National Waste Management Strategy until 2030, which is based on the best technologies that operate in Europe and are recognized by Europe as effective in solving the problem of recycling.

In addition, in the EU they are guided by the BAT (Best Available Technologies) document – on the best available technologies in the field of recycling. The approach and technology that is used in Lviv is the most common in the updated editions of 2015-2016.

But ekoaktiv_sti say that such methods do not provide for stowage recycling. What will happen to the others?

The share of residual waste in this complex will be at least 30%. The main task of the plant for mechanic-biological processing is to reduce the amount of residual garbage, which is one way or another to be disposed of by disposal. However, it will be recycled and compacted waste, and not in a mixed form, as it is now. In addition, the Law of Ukraine “On Waste” provides that from January 1, 2018, all waste must be recycled before it is disposed of.

In addition, the Lviv plant will provide for the production of alternative fuels RDF-fuel. These are wastes for which there is no demand for recycled materials, so they are dried, crushed and used as fuel in factories.

But residents of nearby territories oppose the construction of a plant on Plastova. People are afraid that there will be an unpleasant smell …

Since the plant provides for the processing of organic waste, this will allow to separate the waste fractions, and the process itself is controlled and safe. In particular, there will be several different zones and 24 closed-type tunnels where climate parameters and emissions will be controlled, special filters will also work, which will not allow the spread of an unpleasant odor.

For additional guarantees to advise and supervise the construction, environmental standards and financial costs will be the European experts from the EBRD and the Eastern European Partnership Fund for Energy Efficiency and the Environment, who are funding the project.

Enough of one plant for almost a million city?

The new plant will be designed for capacity that will meet the needs of the city – this is 240 thousand tons of waste per year during a two-shift operation. In addition, the project provides for the possibility of upgrading in the event of an increase in load or the introduction of an additional third shift at the plant.

At what stage is this project now? When should the plant earn?

If the tender procedures are completed on time, the construction of a waste recycling plant in Lviv can begin as early as next year. Works must last 24 months. Now we are at the stage of obtaining all permits and procedures to complete the development of the project and pass the state comprehensive construction expertise.

By the way, about the tender – when will the results be announced about who will build the plant?

12 companies have volunteered to build a waste-processing complex. Among the participants-applicants are the main European leaders of this industry who have relevant experience in the construction of such complexes in neighboring countries. Soon we plan to announce the list of companies that will be held in the second round of the tender. We hope to sign the contract with the winner by the end of this year.

And finally, the city announced a new waste management system. What does it provide?

The future urban waste management system will provide for the fact that the streets will have separate containers for wet garbage, dry (secondary materials: paper, plastic, metal, tetrapack) and glass.

For the collection of electronics, bulky and construction waste in the city will arrange special sites where you can take such things. A separate platform for collecting things that just stop being placed in ordinary containers will be on the territory of the plant itself.

You can follow how the waste recycling plant will be built on the FB page of the Green City.