The first garbage processing plant in Kiev may appear in two years. CHAO Kyivspetstrans is going to process at least 450 thousand tons of solid household waste (MSW) per year in the field of mechanical and biological technology. It is this much garbage that accepts the planned landfill for storage of solid domestic waste № 5 in Pidhirtsi.

This was announced today during the press conference by the Chairman of the Board of PJSC Kyivspetstrans, Andrei Grushinsky, KV reports.

According to him, the capacity of the processing plant should be at least 450 thousand tons, after all, so much is the fifth polygon annually.

– We determined that the plant should be built for the processing of garbage by mechanical and biological technology. According to this technology, the plant will generate secondary raw materials, electricity and heat from biomass, compost, RDF fuel, which can be used by the Energia plant, or some cement plants. The approximate cost of such an enterprise is € 60 million.

Our main requirement – the construction of the plant should be carried out by a European company with the experience of implemented facilities in Europe, according to European norms and technologies. We expect that in two years it is quite possible to launch such a plant – it will take half a year to develop documentation, six months to manufacture equipment and equip the land and a year to build and start the plant, “he explained.

At the same time, the deputy chairman of the KCSA Petr Panteleev noted that Kiev produces 1.2 million tons of garbage a year and therefore needs at least three such plants. He explained that garbage will not be transported to the 5th polygon until after the construction of a garbage processing plant in Kiev.

– Regarding the construction of the plant on the proposal of Kyivspetstrans, we are preparing an appropriate decision of the Kyiv city council and this procedure will be launched.

Now there are consultations with European companies regarding technologies and they are already beginning to design the plant in order not to waste time, – said Panteleev.

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Andrei Grushinsky noted that the main advantage of their offer for the city is that the risks associated with the economic model of the future plant will be shared with the investor.

At the same time, the city, he said, will be able to fully control the cost of the garbage processing service and forecast the amount of waste processing that is extremely necessary for the city, especially after the closure of the 5th landfill.

– At the same time we turned to a number of leading European companies regarding the preliminary development of the project. German and Polish companies were interested in cooperation.

The concepts of the factories that they develop will meet all modern European environmental standards and standards. Already in the near future we will make a presentation for the city administration and the public, “he said.