In the Lviv region 80 thousand city for almost two months in a garbage blockade

From the city of Drohobych for almost two months, garbage has not been removed. The community of the village of Bronitsa continues to block the road to the Drogobych city dump. As a result, from the city for almost two months do not take out the garbage. Recall, Drohobych’s garbage blockade was reported in early February. At that time, protests lasted almost two weeks, writes According to the city head of Drohobych Taras Kuchma, the blockage of the landfill is still going on. Throughout this time, the city has never been taken out of garbage. “This dump for 30 years in a terrible state, and everyone was happy. As soon as the Drogobych City Council began to put things in order there – we made access to fire trucks, began to strengthen the garbage so that there were no landslides, we planned to recultivate and install surveillance cameras – our entry into the landfill was immediately blocked and our city for almost two months in the garbage collapse, Said Taras Kuchma. “All these protests are directed by certain interested persons who want to continue making money on that garbage.

They simply do not benefit that there will be order and accurate weighing of everything that is imported there, and video surveillance. So they beat the villagers. ” According to Taras Kuchma, Drohobych carried out all agreements with the village of Bronitsa and had no claims to exploitation by the city of the landfill located on the territory of this village. The road was blocked without any warning.

He also added that the blockers do not comply with the court’s decision. This is the decision of the Drogobych district court on March 2. “To forbid the defendants and any other persons to block the access road to the Drogobych city dump and to provide any obstacles in the passage of vehicles, as well as the removal of garbage in the territory of the Drogobych city dump near the village of Bronitsa in the Drogobych district, and also to obstruct the operation of this landfill, the court said.

As reported on Friday, March 16, on the site of the Drogobych City Council, bailiffs with the help of special equipment tried to clear obstacles on the way to the dump, but the villagers blocked this technique, in fact preventing the execution of the court’s decision. The journalists managed to establish that the defendants in the case are Irina and Roman Kucopey, Vladimir Oleksyak and Roman Komar. It is not yet known who these people are, probably these are precisely those “interested persons”, about whom Taras Kuchma said. One of the defendants in the case, Vladimir Oleksyak, in February, reported to the “Lviv portal” that the reason for the blockage was the failure to observe sanitary standards in the landfill.

“The landfill area is twice as large as the one allocated for the act. Over the past decades, no sampling fences have been conducted. The level of morbidity in the village of Bronitsa is impressive! There are no sanitary norms, for the last two years the dump was brought to an awful state, “- then quoted the publication of Vladimir Oleksyak.

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