In the center of Khmelnitsky installed modern containers Sotkon company for underground garbage collection. According to the city administration, they are satisfied with the quality of work and the efficiency of implementation. This initiative will simplify the collection and disposal of garbage on the streets.

“During the operation of the first sites, neither water nor snow fell into the mines. In turn, the staff learned to work on unloading garbage quickly and clearly. In addition, new collection containers look aesthetically pleasing. Without a doubt, they can not be compared with the simple containers that were here before. Also, for the next year we want to install two more underground containers, and both are in the center, ”said Alexander Simchishin, mayor of Khmelnitsky, told

Recall, the underground garbage storage system according to Sotkon technology is a European trend for the collection and disposal of garbage. It replaces 3 or 5 standard trash cans. The patented technology is easily adaptable to the existing municipal municipal waste collection system, with minimal cost.

In general, the system itself is unique. With its help, you can monitor the level of loading capacity of the collection.

In addition to Khmelnitsky, the same containers are installed in some other cities of our country – for example, in Kiev and in Lviv. Other cities of the country are preparing for the introduction of new technology.

And, today, this technology is successfully used in many European countries.