The problem of ecology remains one of the most important urgent issues for all mankind. Admittedly, some not only find their answer to it, but also make a decision with their business. An engineer from Rwanda, Amable Mutabazi, for example, now produces bricks from broken glass. The owner of a small brick factory Amable Mutabazi decided to make his business environmentally friendly. The engineer makes bricks from the recycled glass. An engineer from Rwanda uses waste to make bricks. 32-year-old Amable Mutabazi from university time thought about how to develop a unique building material. So, even in the second year of his training, the guy began to look for ways to use waste as a building material.
As a result, the enterprising engineer was able to find his solution. Amable produces bricks from recycled glass.
Thus, the owner of a brick factory not only helps clean up streets and dumps from broken bottles, but also contributes to the protection of the environment. After all, ceramics and glass are decomposed for a long time, and now, thanks to the works of Mutabazi, this garbage will be sent as raw material for the production of unusual bricks. It is generally believed that the decomposition of glass is approximately 1000 years, which, you will agree, is quite a lot.
The engineer himself told that they recycle any glass at the plant, from glasses to windows of houses or cars. Broken glass acts as a partial replacement of cement. Raw materials are supplied to the Amable plant from the dump of the capital of Rwanda. After processing, cement, sand and color are added to it. Then the compression equipment forms bricks. It should be noted that in comparison with other suppliers of bricks, the products of a creative entrepreneur are almost twice as cheap.
Mutabazi presented his products at the international fair of Rwanda and received various awards for his eco-friendly idea. A talented engineer was even awarded the title of the best “young entrepreneur”.
Various activities devoted to the recycling of waste continue to pass around the world. So, the British have found their original solution in the framework of environmental protection. Plastic instead of money – an unusual action takes place in amusement parks in the UK.