At the plastics factory of PJSC “Nizhnekamskneftekhim” pilot tests of the new PSON 535M polystyrene brand, which is intended for manufacturers of refrigeration equipment, have been completed.

The new polystyrene brand, developed by the plant’s specialists together with scientists of the company’s scientific and technological center as part of import substitution, is similar in its characteristics to the INEOS STYROLUTION company’s foreign polystyrene brand Styrolution crystal 165N.

During the tests, 120 tons of finished products were accumulated, samples of which underwent extensive research at the scientific and technological center. During testing, it was found that the molecular parameters of PSON 535M and Styrolution crystal 165N are comparable. In addition, the Nizhnekamsk polystyrene brand is characterized by a more stable melt flow and an increased level of physical and mechanical properties. Experts also noted the relatively high thermal (glass transition temperature) and thermal (oxidation onset temperature) properties of PSON 535M.

At the moment, the new PSON 535M brand is being tested by end users.