LVIV IS ONE OF THE FIRST CITIES IN UKRAINE, WHICH HAS RECEIVED A LICENSE FOR A FUTURE FACTORY. On Tuesday, December 18, LKP “Green City” received a license for processing household waste for the future plant, which will work in Lviv on Plastovaya Street, 13. The appropriate permission in the capital was issued by the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in the fields of energy and utilities ( NKREKP).

“At the next meeting, NKREKP considered the application and made a positive decision, thus confirming compliance with the licensing conditions defined by the Decree of NKREKP dated 05.05.2017 No. 683, organizational and technological requirements for the implementation of economic activities for recycling household waste.” .

“The Lviv municipal enterprise“ Green City ”was one of the first in the municipal sector of Ukraine to receive a license to carry out economic activities for the processing of solid household waste. This became possible thanks to the implementation of the decisions of the Lviv City Council, the allocation of an appropriate area for the location of the enterprise, the design work on the design of the feasibility study stage and the P and cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, ”said Vadim Nozdrya, LKP Green City.

According to the Law of Ukraine “On Licensing Types of Economic Activity”, household waste recycling is subject to compulsory licensing. Thus, the Green City LPC, which has planned activities for the processing of solid household waste, has applied to the licensing body of the National Commission, which carries out state regulation in the fields of energy and utilities, with a corresponding application for obtaining such a license.

Now the second stage of the tender for the construction of a waste treatment plant in Lviv is underway. In early December, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development announced a list of companies that had been selected for the second stage of the tender for the construction of a waste recycling plant in Lviv. In total, there are five leading European companies in the list that have built similar waste processing facilities in Europe. These are companies from Poland, Germany, Greece, a consortium of companies from Austria and Turkey, the Netherlands and Lithuania.

Recall that in two years the city plans to build the first in Ukraine modern waste recycling plant according to the European technology of mechanical and biological waste treatment, rehabilitate the old landfill and introduce a new waste management system. It will include the sorting of dry and wet debris, secondary raw materials and the organization of separate sites for collecting electronics, bulky and construction debris. Next year, an organic waste composting station will open. For this purpose, the city received a 25 million euro loan from the EBRD 10 million euro grant – irrevocable financial assistance from environmental funds. The contribution of the city – 6.75 million euros.