The supervisory body headed by the deputy of the faction Dmitry Ill Pazin.

Deputies of the Lviv regional council at the next session on March 21 created a temporary control commission to verify the information on the illegal disposal of solid waste in the area. For a decision voted 55 deputies.

Commission headed by a representative of the faction Dmitry Ill Pazin. The need to create such a body in the regional council was explained by the fact that in the Lviv region, the cases of illegal release of garbage along the roads and forest belts. Hoc Committee will review the identified cases of unauthorized release of waste in the region, responding to public submissions and representatives of local communities, civil society organizations, the media, law enforcement and citizens. Members of the committee for waste detection budutvyezzhat place together with environmentalists and representatives of other control bodies. It is composed of one representative of each faction, which in the regional council there are nine. Commission Chairman Dmitry Pazin said that her first meeting will take place early next week.