IMG_0600According to the results of the first five months of the year, the total volume of imports of polypropylene (PP) to the Ukrainian market declined by 4% compared to the same period in 2016 and amounted to 46.6 thousand tons, according to a report by DataScope company Market Report.

In May, the volume of imports of PP to Ukraine rose to 9.4 thousand tons against 8.7 thousand tons a month earlier, a small increase in supplies was noted in the segment of homopolymers of propylene (PP homo) and block copolymers of propylene (PP block). In general, for January-May of this year, the total volume of imports of propylene polymers reached 46.6 thousand tons against 48.4 thousand tons a year earlier. The increase in external supplies fell on the PP block, while demand for the stat copolymers of propylene (PP-Random) and PP-homo decreased.

Last month, external supplies of propylene homopolymers to the Ukrainian market rose to 6.8 thousand tons against 6.4 thousand tons in April. The shortage of PP for European producers was compensated by local companies with the growth of supplies from Russia. For the first five months, total deliveries of PP homo reached 35.4 thousand tons against 37.3 thousand tons a year earlier.

In May, the external supplies of propylene block copolymers amounted to more than 1.2 thousand tons against 900 tons a month earlier, demand for casting copolymers of propylene increased. During the period under review, more than 5,000 tons of propylene block copolymers were imported, compared to 4.6 thousand tons a year earlier. The greatest increase in demand was shown by local pipe producers.

Last month, imports of the propylene stan-copolymers were actually preserved at the level of April and amounted to 1.2 thousand tons. According to the results of January-May, the total import volume of PP-Rand exceeded 5 thousand tons, whereas a year earlier this figure was 5,6 thousand tons.

The total volume of supplies of other copolymers of propylene during the period under review was about 1 thousand tons.