Between deputies and activists there was a conflict Under the walls of the village council in Pidhirtsi during a picket between activists and deputies there was a conflict due to changes in the master plan of the village, which they made in late April. This is reported by Channel 5.

“By their changes in the master plan, they allocated 50 hectares of land on a peat bog under high-rise construction … Under 9+ floors … And what’s the problem? The fact that the village of Podgortsy is a disaster zone where the notorious polygon No. 5 of solid domestic waste, where garbage is taken from all over Kiev for decades, “says ex-People’s Deputy Eduard Leonov. As noted, activists demand to cancel the changes. According to the protesters, the changes were made at a closed meeting without any public discussions.

But in the village soviet they assure us that the land was given to the developers legally. “These are the plots of private owners who wish to use them for another purpose, the village council, without hindering it, granted the right to change the target destination.” What is the violation? Of course, there are social infrastructure facilities – school, garden, parking lots, ” rural head Sergei Kravchenko. Supporters of future construction hope that due to this a new school and kindergarten will appear in the village. However, the construction is not supported by all residents of Pidhirtsi. Meanwhile, activists do not plan to complete the protest. They promise to picket the village council until the scandalous amendments are canceled.

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