Fines for pollution of the environment will become more severe. The Verkhovna Rada at an extraordinary meeting on July 21 adopted as a basis the draft law No. 2207-1-d regarding the improvement of the waste management system in Ukraine. 234 deputies voted “for”.
The document introduces the principles and provisions of EU waste management legislation into national legislation. According to legislators, this will improve the state of the environment in Ukraine and achieve sustainable development.
In particular, the bill introduces: a management hierarchy, requirements for extended producer responsibility, a system for long-term planning of waste management at the national, regional and local levels.
In addition, it is envisaged to create an information system for waste management, which should significantly simplify accounting and reporting, filing declarations and conducting licensing procedures in the field of waste management.
And the introduction of a subsystem of open registers will provide access to information on pollutants and waste owners to the public.
It is also proposed to: strengthen control over the collection and treatment of hazardous waste and requirements for licensing such activities; establish a procedure for cleaning, removal and processing of municipal waste; ensure the operation of the system for separate collection and recycling of waste; establish requirements for the quality provision of waste management services and the charging of fees for it.
The project also provides for the strengthening of administrative responsibility for violations in the field of waste management (increased fines for environmental pollution). Ukraine is the only country in Europe that still lives under the old law, adopted back in 1998. Since then, the situation in the field of waste management has practically not changed.
Of course, everyone involved in the problem understands that something needs to be changed and new legislative acts should be adopted that would regulate and implement clear rules on the Ukrainian waste market.