russiantechnology34024How exactly steal the low-pressure polyethylene HDPE plant of PJSC “Kazanorgsintez”, told today in the Moscow district court of Kazan. There continues consideration of the criminal case of theft of 458 volumes of production “Kazanorgsintez”. Russian Deputy Prosecutor General Viktor Grin confirmed the indictment in a criminal case. His representative – Attorney Department of the RF Prosecutor General’s Office of Criminal Judicial Administration Boris Neporozhny the prosecution in court.
Defendants in the case of 12 people found. According to investigators, Zakaria Zakirov, 2006 Yevgeny Goryachev and Rustam Garayev created the criminal organization to steal goods from the territory of “Kazanorgsintez”. In its activities, they involved more than 20 people, including employees. From May of 2011 to March 2012 accomplices kidnapped polyethylene of low and high pressure, polycarbonate, and other products worth a total of almost 340 million rubles. Stolen forged documents to legalize Zakirov controlled enterprises, and then sold. The funds received on account Zakirov.
Cvidetel, chief engineer of the HDPE plant (production and processing of high-density polyethylene) Boris Bobrov, since 2005 he has been working in this position. He said that the plant produces various grades of high density polyethylene (HDPE). Part of polyethylene plastic products in the shop are processed by extrusion, blow molding and injection molding in pipes for water and gas supply and fittings for pipeline engineering communications systems.
According to the witness, the facts of thefts in March 2012, the plant’s products became known to him, when he was detained a car loaded “Kazanorgsintez” marketable products. But he admitted the possibility. After all, the only way you can explain the imbalance between the volume of polyethylene, who received plastic products plant, and the quantity produced by this workshop marketable products. This imbalance was recorded as the excess of the actual rules of the approved planned and accounted for in the month from 150 to 350 m. The planned and actual consumption ratios per unit of output means the planned and actual costs of materials for production. And if the company is stable, the actual expenditure rate is not higher than planned. “It is like a drop from the tap to which no one pays attention. But it forms a cubic meter of water spilling “- brought good comparison Boris Bobrov.
Revision Commission could not explain the “virtual imbalance.” polyethylene Accounting technically complicated. Its accumulation and transfer takes place in containers weighing about 100 tons. But the company’s management constantly strengthened security measures. An empty and loaded vehicles factory production took place at the weigh-truck scales. Digital crane scales are also used.
Regularly conducted day and night inspections. To prevent theft of goods, has been put on the pipe stub on the transmission to the polyethylene molding machines – injection molding machines. A raw material – for the production of polyethylene fittings – were allowed to transfer to injection molding machines only in bags of 25 kg. electronic scales “Stream” were installed on the same pipe. But even they did not help to identify where the “leaked” polyethylene. Therefore, in the period from 2010 to 2012. the balance is not even included.
Only after March 2012, when it was opened a criminal investigation into the theft of a “Kazanorgsintez” and began to testify members of the criminal community, commits them, became clear the entire mechanism of theft. At the same time the actual consumable materials ratio at the plant decreased substantially. And it continues to decline. Ratio went back to normal.
As it turned out at the investigative experiment, “craftsmen”, members of the criminal group, simply mounted bypass line. And put in a polypropylene corrugated pipe length of 9 m. For this portion of the pipe on the casting passed polyethylene, the same place in a secluded corner of packaged and exported it from the factory.
Discover bypass pipe was difficult. Pipes made of such materials used in the production of polyethylene for pneumatic conveying. In addition, as suggested by the chief engineer of HDPE plant, established this mechanism only in the evening and at night. On hand of spoilers was the fact that in this zone no surveillance systems have been installed.
the investigation confirmed the findings in his testimony foreman 157 HDPE plant Renat Abdullin and deputy head of the department for the production of plastic products, Oleg Sorokin. Sorokin, incidentally, recognized Zakariya Zakirov, whom he had often seen in the company a friendly chat with the head of his department.