What is the secondary pellet of HDPE?

The secondary pellet of polyethylene is a recycled HDPE. The raw materials for it are polyethylene bags, industrial packaging, plastic boxes, canisters and other polymeric waste. Competent selection of raw materials and modern production technologies allow us to produce secondary granules of high quality polyethylene. It is a durable material that does not lose its practical properties even after secondary processing.

Secondary granules of blue color

On sale you can find secondary granules of polyethylene of different shades. Color characterizes the variety of products. Dark shades refer to low grades. As a raw material for their production, waste products of HDPE products with flexoprinting and painted film are used.

Secondary HDPE pellets of blue color are ideal for the production of garbage bags, shoe covers, dark-colored packages, non-pressure pipes.

Features of secondary granules

Among the obvious advantages of secondary polyethylene in granules:
Good density and resistance to high temperatures;
Ecological and sanitary safety;
Low price per kg of products and competitive cost of finished products.
Areas of use

Sale of secondary pellets of polyethylene is in high demand among enterprises interested in producing high-quality and inexpensive products. Secondary granules HDPE refers to reliable raw materials, from which are produced strong and functional things:

Construction Materials,
plastic containers,
medical products,
packing of different kinds,
children’s accessories.

Advantages of our products

You can buy secondary polyethylene pellets at our company at a bargain price, which will help increase the profitability of your business due to significant savings on raw materials. Modern production technologies, modernized equipment and strict technological control make it possible to obtain high quality products with an optimal ratio of price parameters.

We sell secondary polyethylene in granules in various batches, we quickly form and ship orders of any volume. Cooperation with us is the best and most cost effective solution for your business.