For the production of polyethylene products, our company provides quality raw materials – polymer granules are supplied in bulk. The company specializes in the production of granules of the following types:

Granular HDPE polymer is a product that is obtained using high pressure. Such material is distinguished by its great ductility and strength. HDPE granules are used for the manufacture of packaging films, plastic containers, water pipes, insulating building materials.
Granular HDPE polymer – produced at low pressure. HDPE granules are characterized by a high level of density, resistance to temperatures up to 1200 C, strength and rigidity of the structure with low elasticity. Hydro and vapor barriers, playgrounds, mechanical parts, covers and much more are made from low pressure polymers.
Secondary granular polymer is a type of raw material that is a product of recycling of polyethylene waste. Secondary polyethylene is characterized by low cost and wide range of applications. It is used for the manufacture of plastic furniture, pallets, tiles, greenhouses, profiles.

Why ordering HDPE is profitable

The use of ready-made polyethylene granules significantly reduces the cost of production of plastic products in production, and the use of secondary polymers further reduces their cost. The company “Polymers” manufactures and sells recyclable HDPE, which are not inferior in quality to the primary material.

Advantages of ordering HDPE from the manufacturer

When ordering HDPE polyethylene from us you get:

High quality material;
Individual approach;
Quick response to the application;
Possibility to buy raw materials from polyethylene in large and small wholesale;
Favorable prices for HDPE;
Reducing the cost of the product manufactured by your company;

Prompt shipment of HDPE delivery to the specified address.
To order HDPE polyethylene and agree on delivery details, contact us by phone number on the website or by filling out the feedback form.